jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014


I forgot who I was in the
chaos and the kisses, the open
ended declarations of love
and in the late nights of passion.

I left myself on your doorstep that first night
when we joined as individuals to create a 
whole. I was your sub piece, the one you
looked to when you needed someone,
but I was never able to look to you in return.

Somewhere along our journey I lost the things that made me who I once was,
and when I turned around to pick up the pieces
you started to notice.

As I began to rise from the darkness you cast over me,
you started to dim in color.

I realized that you had to be the sun in order to live,
and without a shadow, you felt you could not shine.

– Sydney Lynnyou be the sun and i’ll be the shadow

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