domingo, 15 de febrero de 2015

Sunday best.

Do you remember that night I turned up on your doorstep? I was wearing my Sunday best. You watched the mascara as it ran down like fault lines, and you knew there was blood on my lips.
                Im tired of running, I said.
And the earth shook a little.
                So am I, you replied.
As it shook a little more.
                I do not want anyone else, I whispered.
And i felt myself crumble.
You held out your arms and I was cracked porcelain. We looked at each other as we stood at the precipice. And i knew once I fell, I'd never stop falling. And everything before you would be time to kill. You said you were scared but you couldn't ignore it.
And that was the moment when we became real.
-Lang Leav

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